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User Interface 1091x658 - Application Modernisation - Characteristics of Modern IBM i Applications (Part 3)
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Application Modernisation – Characteristics of Modern IBM i Applications (Part 3)

Application Modernisation – ‘Characteristics of Modern IBM i Applications’.

Part 3 and the final section – taken from a white paper written by KFA’s Technology Manager, Stuart Bramley.

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Application Modernisation Modernisation Patterns R - Application Modernisation - Modernisation Patterns (Part 2)
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Application Modernisation – Modernisation Patterns (Part 2)

Here you can read ‘Modernisation Patterns’ – Part 2 of a white paper focusing on Application Modernisation, written by Stuart Bramley, KFA Connect’s Technology Manager.

We have broken the white paper down into three sections;

Part 1 – highlights the risks, benefits and strategies

Part 3  – ‘Characteristics of Modern IBM i Applications’ will follow next week.

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App Modernisation re sized - Application Modernisation
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Application Modernisation

Here we have published a section of a white paper focusing on Application Modernisation, written by KFA Connect’s Technology Manager – Stuart Bramley.

We have broken the white paper down into three sections… subsequent posts on Modernisation Patterns and Characteristics of Modern IBM i Applications will follow.

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Apprentice resized - Apprenticeships: Home Grown Talent
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Apprenticeships: Home Grown Talent

by Daniel Prince

Software Test Analyst, KFA Connect


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NetDespatch for OO Blog resized - Coming Soon! Order & Out to Integrate with DPD
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Coming Soon! Order & Out to Integrate with DPD

KFA Connect have  started the development to integrate Order & Out with delivery giant DPD

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Xero Integration
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Coming Soon! Order & Out integration with Xero to include products

Enhanced integration coming soon…

Order & Out is KFA’s simple, easy to use solution for companies who are struggling to manage their B2B orders, customer communications and stock.

The integration to include customers and invoicing is already complete and in action and we have been busy bees recently, working on further developing the Xero integration to also include products!

Order & Out will be launching the updated integration for  Xero over the Summer.

Managing your business using spreadsheets?

Having to keep track of your stock manually?

Have no idea what you are running low of, or holding a surplus of?

Struggling to keep your customers in the loop?

Sound familiar?

With ever increasing pressure on businesses to react faster to their customers’ needs and manage orders effectively we have put together:

10 reasons why Order & Out and Xero could be a winning combination for your business.

  1. Coming Soon! Product integration (in addition to customer/invoice integration) – due to launch Summer 2017!
  2. Gives you the ability to raise invoices from within Order & Out, so they are ready to send to your customers.
  3. Allows your business to be open 24/7 as your customers can place orders day and night in Order & Out.
  4. Order & Out will track your stock levels and will give you instant access to the information you need to run your business… at your fingertips.
  5. Automatically synchronises your customers and product details – so eliminates the need for duplication of effort.
  6. Order & Out manages customer communications with automated emails (hopefully reducing the amount the phone rings too!)
  7. Gives you the ability to run reports on products/customers for your orders on either Xero or Order & Out.
  8. Designed with growing businesses in mind, can help take you to the next level.
  9. Order & Out also integrates with selected 3rd party logistics providers – making it even easier to manage your orders.
  10. You can access all the features on a FREE 30-day trial of Order & Out to see for yourself how much time it will save you!


Order Out Logo.png 300x53 - Coming Soon! Order & Out integration with Xero to include products


For more information or to sign up for a 30-day FREE trial of Order & Out we would love to hear from you – click here.


Written by Nicki Smith, KFA Sales Manager
July 2017
Order Out Logo.png - Wanted... Beta Testers for Order & Out in return for FREE FOR LIFE subscription!
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Wanted… Beta Testers for Order & Out in return for FREE FOR LIFE subscription!

We are looking for Beta Testers for our new order processing & stock control product – Order & Out…

If you are using Xero accounts package and are interested in improving your order processing and stock control we will give your business FREE FOR LIFE subscription in return for your help.


‘Order & Out’ is a simple, user friendly order processing and stock control solution for businesses selling goods or services in a B2B environment.

Customers, account managers, sales agents and your customer service & admin teams can all be placing orders day or night, keeping your business open and receiving orders 24/7.

It’s user managed; you simply give login access at the relevant level to as many users as you need.

Order & Out gives you real-time stock visibility, allows you to quickly and easily check stock levels, process/track orders and gives you the information you need to run your business at your fingertips!


Warehouse staff and 3rd party logistics providers can login to the system and mark items as dispatched, meaning tracking information is available… instantly!

Your customer will receive an automated email confirming key stages relating to their order and with Order & Out you will no longer have to manage your orders and stock using manual entry spreadsheets, and can concentrate on what you do best…running your business.


The exciting bit… 
We have now completed the development of the Xero integration for Order & Out, which is ready for test and are on the lookout for beta testers to take it for a spin.


For your efforts…
We would like to give all beta testers FREE FOR LIFE subscription of Order & Out for helping us with the testing and providing us with feedback.



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