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Courier Integration Layer (CIL)

Our approach to CIL

During the development of the Order & Out SaaS order management solution it was logical that we include integration with courier systems.
Every courier typically runs their own systems, so separate development would be required for every courier we wanted to support.
Always looking to be innovative we decided to do something more ambitious!

The Challenge

We decided that although the systems and terminology might be different, that all couriers were essentially doing very similar things. This similarity extended to the information that they expected to be sent when integrating logistics management software with their systems and in their subsequent replies.

The Solution

KFA designed a standard interface so that the application or system accessing the courier system would only need to be configured once. Initially designed for our Order & Out solution, we realised that this interface could be used by other KFA systems, and would be a great benefit to any company looking to include courier integrations.

The Courier Integration Layer was born.

How will the Courier Integration Layer benefit you?

  • Less code means that there are fewer areas for error.
  • New couriers are added to the CIL as they come on, but your application doesn’t need to change.
  • Integrates with any courier company
  • Tracking information and consignment details are consolidated no matter who you use to send your goods.
  • Did we mention that integrating with the CIL is quick and easy?

Can I continue to cut deals with the couriers on pricing and service?

Absolutely, the prices that you pay for your services are those that you have negotiated with the couriers you use.

I want to control which couriers my users access is that possible?

Completely, we wanted to make it simple to add courier support to your software, not to force you to use every courier available. It is simple to choose which couriers, and indeed services you make available through the CIL.

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